Raptors Smash New Record with a 46 Point Win Over Indiana

If you watched this game from the start, you would have been and a great mood the ENTIRE TIME as the Raptors put on quite the clinic in front of the Pacers.

What better way than to do it than on a Sunday afternoon in the Scotiabank Arena after a nice relaxing day before the grueling Monday awaits. Raptors showed the league that they don’t need Kawhi. That we are good with the amazing chemistry that is composed of this roster.

46 point lead after the fourth? Against a playoff team with multiple stars? You can make this stuff up. Especially with Malcom Brogdon and Domantas Sabonis (Who did put up 11 rebounds tonight). That’s not the point. The point is that the Raptors have a way to the NBA finals, and if they continue to guard the rim and score off turnovers, there is no one there to stop them.

What was the highlight of the game? Was it Serge Ibaka’s fifteen rebounds? Or Kyle Lowry’s 5 steals? What about Pascal Siakiam’s 21 points? This is what I mean when I say the entire team is coming together. Its very much like the San Antonio Spurs squad in the 2000s. Filled with talent with everyone knowing their roles and working together as a unit. It was 34-12 after the first quarter the Raptors were just getting started.

The greatest thing was that the entire team was involved. Five players on the team had double digit points, and our entire bench put up 26 rebounds for the night. Lets hope that this massive energy continues on in the playoffs.

I am very much looking forward to seeing what happens in May. We our Raptors healthy as ever because they will be going up against a big giant in the East on Tuesday, the Milwaukee Bucks. First in the Easter Conference and only seven games back…..we need a win. The Raptors and Bucks faced off in November of last year, loosing by ten points with a final score of 115-105. If we can pull off a win on the 25th, we can have a solid chance of matching up with the Greak Freak, our biggest enemy.

The Bucks aren’t looking forward to making any mistakes in this post season. Which why shutting down this 30 PPP 5 APG and 13 REB monster isn’t going to be easy, especially without our greatest weapon…..well former weapon, the Claw.

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