LeBron is on Another Level.

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The King has risen, and this weekend that just passed showed the league just how dominant LeBron has continued to be. Many people have brushed LeBron aside after that injury year he went through last season when pulling his groin during the Christmas break (btw the Lakers were fourth in the West at the time). Now with a brand new weapon at his disposal, Anthony Davis, LeBron is heading into the playoff season first in the West, only four games behind Giannis and the Bucks in the Eastern Conference.

LeBron put up some high numbers on Friday against the Bucks (37 points, eight rebounds eight assists) and then a spectacular performance against the championship favourited Los Angeles Clippers, finishing with 28 points 9 assists and eight rebounds. These are SPECTACULAR numbers by LeBron, going into his seventeenth year at the age of 35 when most players are thinking about retirement.

Now with these two incredible performances and an upcoming game, tonight against the Brooklyn Nets, LeBron has not bowed out of the MVP race, as he is fighting head to head with Giannis for the award. However, we all know that an MVP award means little to LeBron. Of course, if LeBron wins his fifth MVP award, he will tie Michael Jordan. With a great achievement on the line, everybody knows what LeBron is competing for, and that’s a championship.

On a personal note, it isn’t very easy to compare LeBron to the legends that have played for the Los Angeles Lakers if he has not won a championship for the team. LeBron has played for the Clevland Cavaliers most of his career, with a brief four year period with the Miami Heat that won him two championships (2012, 2013) but has not achieved much for the Lakers. It is his second season with the team; however, when he finishes his four-year contract with the Lakers, he will be 37. If you paid much attention to NBA legends at that age, they are still useful for their team, but eventually, they will need to take a step back for the younger players to take over. I am not sure if LeBron is ready to pass the torch, but when the time comes, he will need to have a persuasive resume to be compared to Michael Jordan, who currently holds the title as the best player of all time.

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For now, with less than 20 games left in the season, we will have to see how this showdown plays out. With Giannis injured and the Bucks on a three-game losing streak, LeBron can pull the upset and snatch the MVP award from the young Greek phenom, which would be quite an experience….speaking from a Laker fan. However, both teams have a tight schedule to rush through before they get to the playoffs. Both teams will have to take on a fierce competitor before the playoff, the good old Raptors (Bucks have two more games with them), which you will not want to miss!

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