COVID- 19, What Now?

You’re probably thinking after that horrible announcement of the NBA’s suspended season, what do we do now? What is there to watch? Do I need to wait until June of 2021 to see another NBA Champion? The NBA and a majority of other leagues have suspended their seasons until an effective quarantined process and procedure ensures the safety of their athletes. After all, the NBA has stated that athlete safety is their highest priority.

Adam Silvert, the NBA commissioner, announced an NBA season suspension after one of the players on the Utah Jazz, Rudy Gobert (2 time defensive player of the year by the way) contracted COVID – 19, also known as the Corona Virus. The virus then spread to other Utah Jazz teammates, including one of their best players Donovan Mitchell leaving Adam Silvert with no choice but to suspend the league until further notice.

The NBA suspension was a serious decision to make to protect the safety of fans, players and staff involved with the league. When I heard of this decision, my world of sports had collapsed. I am an avid follower of other suspended sports leagues such as the NHL, NFL and Premier League, but the NBA affected me the most out of all. I started watching basketball when I was five years old after moving to Toronto, Canada, from Romania. I remember my father would always have the Raptors games on, and this was the 2000-2001 NBA season when Vince Carter was taking off the Raptors. Vince Carter was my first NBA hero, and ever since, I have been following the NBA and its extraordinary athletes through one season to the next, and I must say, I feel entirely lost.

The NBA had survived through tough situations before, from earthquakes in Los Angeles to Hurricane Katrina, which impacted the community of New Orleans and required the team to move to Oklahoma City. However, a virus escalates the issue to a whole new level, and what was to be deemed as one of the most spectacular seasons. This season has opened the playing field for MULTIPLE teams to have a viable shot at the championship. The Lakers, Clippers, Bucks, Celtics and Raptors all had sizeable opportunities to snatch the 2020 championship. Now we sit at home in quarantine, wondering if we would be able to enjoy a playoff season in the summer.

The suspension of the season, however, is not set in stone. Adam Silvert stated that the NBA suspension would hold for at least 30 days. The fanatics of the league, hope that the 30-day mark will mark the end of this madness of a season, a season that has been plagued with injuries and shocking events that would change the world entirely.

Yes, we have seen the disappointing injuries of Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, Blake Griffin and many more. Just when the season began to heat up, we lost the legend Kobe Bryant in a terrible helicopter crash, which not only affected the league but the entire world. Not to mention the loss of David Stern, the great NBA commissioner that was the most influential person of the game off the court, the reason the NBA is so popular today.

For some people, sports are a way to help them through difficult times, something for them to look forward too and to keep their current life exciting. I have always been told in life to follow the things that make you happy. This massive interruption has, without doubt, taken the happiness that I look forward to every year. With the upcoming “Battle of LA” that needs to be settled between Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James, everyone was looking forward to the postseason. Even if the season needs to continue without fans in the stadium, it would be the best way to salvage what has already been a heavily interrupted season.

What a great start to the decade….

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