Can This NBA Season be Saved?

How I continue to die of boredom hoping for an answer…

With almost a month in the NBA shut down because of Corona Virus, questions begin to emerge as to whether the season will continue to go on. With more cases arising with the NBA, such as the New York Knicks owner James Dolan contracting the virus on Saturday. The League continues to communicate with health officials and is taking every necessary step to ensure the safety of their fans and players.

The good news is, Utah Jazz Allstars Rudy Gobert, and Donavan Mitchell have been cleared of Corona Virus, and are expected to resume their training for the NBA season. Another good sign is the League will revisit the situation on April 1st to see if a possible return would even be in the question. The NBA has given a deadline of Labour Day Long Weekend for the season to finish, and nobody wants to be tied up in the NBA all summer, as it could throw the timeline off for next season, as well as the NBA draft.

However, we need to keep safety a top priority. We also need to keep our heads high and practising social differencing, the sooner we continue to keep our distance, the quicker the NBA season can resume. Here are a couple of options that the NBA could consider.

Playing without fans: The ideal situation was to continue the rest of the NBA season without including NBA fans attending the games, and the entire game televised. It’s also reported that the NBA would host the games at nine independent stadiums to limit human contact. Multiple NBA players have gone against this idea, including NBA Superstar LeBron James, stating, “I ain’t playing if we haven’t got the fans in the crowd, that’s who I play for.” Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks Owner thinks its the best way to resume the season, as he believes that we need something to cheer for in these difficult would not be the most significant outcome, but if this is the only way to save the season, then I’m all for it.

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Limiting the number of fans: Colin Cowherd, the sports commentator for Fox Sports, mentioned an exciting idea that could involve fans but limit the amount to 1 person every 3-4 seats. Even that idea wouldn’t make the experience the same and would be a long shot to help contain the virus. It will be an uphill battle, and the NBA has a tight deadline to finish the season, but we MUST remain optimistic.

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Mark Cuban believes that the NBA season could resume in May if the teams can guarantee the safety of the players and staff, while the NBA believes a more appropriate would be in June. Meanwhile, some of the players have taken up the habit of video gaming and Tik Tok dances to distract them during quarantine. However, don’t underestimate the intensity that these playoffs will bring, as many NBA players will be fully rested, ready to play for the championship. This season won’t be the same but still has the potential to end off with a bang.

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