Top Five NBA Finals to Watch During Quarantine

As we go into day 12 of quarantine and no NBA basketball, One may start to become delusional and extremely bored (me), to the point where old NBA postseason games are the only thing keeping me going at this point. During these very uncertain and very BORING times, one must create activities and goals toContinue reading “Top Five NBA Finals to Watch During Quarantine”

Should we be worried about a 2 game losing streak? Is Boston a sleeping giant?

The Toronto Raptors has had a rough two games with the Charlotte Hornets and the Denver Nuggets, a home game(Charlotte) that could have easily gone the other way. Shout out to Jamal Murray, the starting point guard for the Denver Nuggets and was born in Kitchener Ontario and had an unreal game. Either than that,Continue reading “Should we be worried about a 2 game losing streak? Is Boston a sleeping giant?”

Could Zion Follow into the King’s Footsteps?

Tuesday at the Staples Centre was a night to remember with an ultimate showdown between one of the greats (LeBron) and the new basketball phenomenon Zion Williamson. At the age of eighteen, Zion took the stage with the NCAA at the University of Duke, dominating the NCAA and becoming the unanimous number one pick inContinue reading “Could Zion Follow into the King’s Footsteps?”

Raptors Smash New Record with a 46 Point Win Over Indiana

If you watched this game from the start, you would have been and a great mood the ENTIRE TIME as the Raptors put on quite the clinic in front of the Pacers. What better way than to do it than on a Sunday afternoon in the Scotiabank Arena after a nice relaxing day before theContinue reading “Raptors Smash New Record with a 46 Point Win Over Indiana”

The Allstar Game of All Allstar Games

What were you doing on a calming Sunday night in Toronto? If you weren’t watching the intense fourth quarter of the 2020 NBA all star game, you were defiantly missing out. With an all intense, jaw dropping turn of events that turned an average, easy going game into a defense battle for the ages. TheContinue reading “The Allstar Game of All Allstar Games”