Just a Small Bio

Growing up in Canada has been a wonderful experience. Having the opportunity to engage in different activities and figure out who I am has always been a blast. No matter what it comes too, if you like doing it, you’re livin. Growing up in Richmond Hill, just outside of Toronto, I have always enjoyed playing sports, and watching our Toronto teams go head to head. As many we’ve had some rough seasons, but now I can safely say that our Raptors team has the tools to secure another NBA championship. Why start this blog? Why not? We live in an age where everyone has a voice. Where everyone can pitch in on sporting events and bring something to the table. With this blog, I hope to offer some insight and portray a version of an NBA fan in Canada. The thing I love most about sports is that it unites people in a way. Last year in the NBA finals, I saw a city that was united like no other way before. Observing such greatness is what motivates me to start something of my own.

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